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Our In-house Nurse Testifying Experts

I, as well as many of my associates, also consult as Testifying Experts.

Locating Expert Witnesses

Every medical malpractice case needs both medical and nursing testifying experts. The identification of credible, persuasive experts is crucial to the overall success of the case. We can find reputable, case specific witnesses for your review and selection.  All proposed expert witnesses come with our satisfaction guarantee. As members of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants®, we have instant access to 4,000 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, many of whom also serve as a Nurse Expert in the Standards of Nursing Care.

We have the expert knowledge to uncover crucial facts that will influence your case.  We can review the documents faster and more cost effectively, both essential elements in an expeditious fair settlement for your client.  Keep your focus on the legal issues and don’t waste staff resources on research, analysis of healthcare records and locating nurse expert witnesses. who can testify to nursing issues and  reputable MDs to testify to medical issues. But medical malpractice is not the only case where you need an expert to testify. Our extensive background in healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals provide the platform to locate the specific types of experts you need for the success of your case. During the consulting case review process, we identify the different specialties that could be offered for essential testimony. Once the list is agreed upon, we can locate & interface with the experts.

After your interview and selection process has been completed, we can serve as your liaison with the TE’s. The analysis and comparison of different expert witness reports and other work products is a key service we provide your firm. Our service allows you & your staff to focus on the legal issues of the case.  We take away tasks that take you away from billable hours.

Our goal is to save you time and therefore, money. In the legal world, time is money. We can save you the former, so you can generate the latter.

We look forward to locating the experts your case needs.