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CLNC Case Winning Services

• Act as a Testifying Expert or Consulting Expert
• Summarize, Translate & Interpret Medical Records/EMRs
• Screen cases for Merit
• Define Applicable Standards of Care (SOCs)
• Identify & Locate Testifying Experts
• Develop Life Care Plans
• Assist in Interrogatory & Deposition Preparation

Testifying Expert or Consulting Expert

All of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants at McDonald & Associates (see the “Our Associates” tab) offer Nurse Consulting Expert services and many also offer Nurse Testifying Expert services (see the “Need an Expert” tab).

Summarize, Translate & Interpret Medical Records/EMRs

There are at least seven different EMR systems in the healthcare marketplace today.  The Certified Legal Nurse associates at McDonald & Associates understand these systems and very often, continue to work with them on a regular basis.

A question to ask yourself…can a MD know all these systems…can a person from India know these systems?

As our domestic healthcare system evolves more and more to EMRs – away from written records – the search for facts and issues becomes more complex.

Who is with the patient/client from A to Z in the medical record?  It is always a RN, sometimes, it is a MD, but the one constant is the patient advocate – the Nurse.

No one is more intimate with the total medical record.

Screen Cases for Merit

This is perhaps the single most cost effective service of a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.  Very often, a flat fee can be negotiated.  Whether it is a quick Inclusion/Exclusion on a Mass Tort or a more complex Medical Malpractice case, we are there to help you arrive at that decision at a very reasonable cost.

Again, why pay extra for an MD?  Or, take a chance on some off shore “reader”?  BTW, if you have a question for that “reader” from India, how do you contact that person?  Do you even know if that person actually read that record?  Rest assured, the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants at McDonald & Associates are domestically based and actually are available 24/7 if you us to be!

Standards of Care

Standards of Care (SOC’s) are the benchmarks by which we determine whether a healthcare practitioner was negligent in the care provided.  Defining the applicable SOC’s, and any deviations from, is a vital aspect of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s role on the litigation team. Drawing on legal, regulatory, and authoritative sources, we will provide you with a table of the appropriate SOC’s for each discipline involved in our case.

In our case analysis, we will integrate authoritative medical & nursing literature along with the specific standards & guidelines. As fact finders, the jury will judge the healthcare providers professional conduct.  Whether used as demonstrative evidence or in cross-examination of a witness, our comprehensive, yet understandable, presentation of the applicable standards and guidelines will assist you in educating the jurors.

Identify & Locate Testifying Experts

Every week, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is in contact with Testifying Experts (Need an Expert?).  Either they may act as Testifying Experts themselves, or, they know others within the NACLNC (National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – over 4,000 other CLNC’s).  It is safe to say that any type of medical expert needed can be found very  quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.  This is what we as do very well.  Any kind of medical expert – we can find them!

Develop Life Care Plans

McDonald & Associates has a Certified Life Care Planner – Dawn Cook, RN, CLCP, LNCPC, CLNC.

Assist in Interrogatory & Deposition Preparation

Each CLNC associate at McDonald & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants is trained and qualified to help you prepare for trial.

Contact us at 702-365-0625 today to discuss how we can be a vital part of your successful litigation team!