Suzanne Horkan, RN, BSN, CLNC

Suzanne Horkan

Horkan & Associates Nurse Consulting LLC

Registered Nurse with a career encompassing 34 years of clinical/managerial nursing experience

Offer both consulting and testifying expert services to plaintiff or defense counsel:

• Are medical records piling up in your office that need screening, organizing, analyzing?

• With mountains of medical record information to sort through, do you need a streamlined process to enable you to have details at your fingertips to save precious time for you to focus on the law?

• Is your revenue pipeline robust due to multiple projects that need your attention all at the same time..are the projects being delegated for efficiency, are budgeted guidelines met unless you give permission to exceed?

• Do you receive work product that is timely, thorough and based on the important facts relevant to the case theory?

• For the money being spent, can you reliably depend on the research being done, to support the standards of care, to provide a strong foundation to your cases?

• Are the current expert opinions you are receiving based upon professional/ethical representation of the facts of the case?

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  • Testifying Expert: OB or Postoperative
  • Obstetrical Care
  • Surgical Care with Postoperative focus
  • Medical Care