Christina Freden, RN, BSN, FNE, CLNC

Christina Freden

Freden Legal Nurse Consulting
Christina Freden is a nationally Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with more than 18 years nursing experience in Alaska. Working with diverse populations within federally funded to state and community settings, hospital to long-term geriatric populations, and now as a forensic nurse examiner. I can assess any medical record to ensure you have a complete copy. The advantage to you will be to save you time and money to consider the legal aspects of your case.

• Screen Cases/Merit
• Organize records
• Conduct Research
• Identify missing records
• Work with Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s)
• Assist with Discovery
• Prepare Interrogatories
• Locate Expert Witnesses

For additional information about Christina, call 702-365-0625 or email


  • Personal Injury
  • Environmental
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • General Negligence
  • Mass Tort
  • Med/Nursing Malpractice
  • Products Liability
  • Work Place Injury
  • Wrongful Death