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Darlie McDonald, RN, CNOR, MBA, CLNC


Clinical + Medical Device + Pharmaceutical Expertise

As CEO of McDonald & Associates, I bring a unique blend of healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device industry experience to my Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC®) practice.  My background  can provide you an insider’s view of an elaborate, multifaceted system.

Even the best legal assistant is challenged by today’s complex healthcare issues and how they affect the case outcome – I am here to help you navigate that maze.  Darlie McDonald’s professional career encompasses clinical practice in the operating room (OR), recovery room (PACU), ambulatory surgery, endoscopy, medical surgical and intensive care nursing.  Darlie’s OR experience includes participation on both open heart & trauma teams.  In addition to her clinical expertise, she brings a background in nursing administration to the table.

Testifying Expert + Consulting Expert

Darlie consults as both a Nurse Consulting Expert as well as a Nurse Testifying Expert on matters concerning preoperative, intraoperative  and post operative surgery as well as endoscopy standards of nursing care.

Our Associates

My Associates and I combine decades of clinical “bedside” nursing, which provides a reality to our consulting practice that can’t be gained from reading theory in a textbook.  Our experience in nursing administration allows us to see the total picture, including issues such as staffing, accreditation, policy and procedures as well as the inner workings of a hospital from the ground up.  And as clinicians, we understand how to evaluate the validity and reliability of medical research.  Our unique experience can save you time & money as well as providing a quick turnaround on the critical review process.  We can weed out the irrelevant issues and get to the heart of the matter quickly, assuring you don’t miss a relevant fact, issue or supporting research.

How a Certified Legal Nurse Consultants help you!

Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultant CLNC®  training, combined with our extensive professional nursing career, can help you anytime your caseload includes:

  • Medical or nursing malpractice
  • General personal injury
  • Mass Torts
  • Products liability
  • Any other case involving medical or nursing issues, including workers’ compensation, Medicare fraud, probate or elder care

Medical Records Retrieval + Medical Records Review

Yes, McDonald & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC can offer you both Medical Records Retrieval as well as Medical Records Review

Let us help your team & you make sense out of cryptic medical records, distilling critical medical facts into a story line juries can easily understand.  Regardless of your specialty – whether plaintiff or defense – we can help you free up your time to take on more of the groundbreaking cases you feel passionate about.

Call us today (702) 365-0625  so you can discover for yourself what an asset we can be on your litigation team.